Lab awarded 1.96 millions to study stress response and senesence

Highlighted in Dean's weekly message of CU School of Medicine:

We are very excited to receive a four-year NIH NIGMS R01 for our proposed project "Post-transcriptional regulations of proteomes in stress and senescence".

Post-transcriptional mechanisms play a fundamental role in regulating gene expression at the protein level, and are frequently implicated in stress response, aging, and diseases. The goal of this project is to develop and apply multi-omics methods to examine the post-transcriptional mechanisms that regulate protein composition of multiple tissues and their ability to respond to proteostatic stressors.

With the funding support, we will examine the relationships between post-transcriptional regulation and stress response, and at the same time generate data sets including isoform-resolved, spatiotemporal atlases of the normal, stressed, and aged/senescent proteomes. We anticipate the results will lead to novel insights into basic cellular processes of stress response and resilience that will be relevant to studies of multiple systems.

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