Recent publications October 2020

Check out some recent publications from our team members:

1. "Determining Alternative Protein Isoform Expression Using RNA Sequencing and Mass Spectrometry" in STAR Protocols (Link)

This protocol paper led by Erin and Julianna details a step-by-step experimental and computational workflow to identify non-canonical protein isoforms from RNA sequencing and mass spectrometry data.

2. "Proteomic Signatures of Acute Oxidative Stress Response to Paraquat in the Mouse Heart" in Scientific Reports (Link)

This study by Vishantie, Silas, Cody and others uses quantitative mass spectrometry to explore how the mouse heart and lung respond to acute oxidative stress. See our previous blog entry for more info!

3. "A high-stringency blueprint of the human proteome" in Nature Communications (Link)

This perspective paper co-authored by Maggie, Sara, and other groups in the HUPO community reviews the progresses and achievements made by the Human Proteome Organization last decade to create a complete parts list of all expressed human proteins. There is also an accompanying editorial written by Christopher Overall in the Journal of Proteome Research.

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