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Maggie Lam, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine

Maggie is an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She received her bachelor degree in biology (hon.) and computer science (min.) at the University of Waterloo and her doctorate degree in Chemistry at the University of Hong Kong, followed by postdoctoral training at the University of California at Los Angeles. Her research interest is in understanding protein homeostasis and dynamics in cardiovascular and fibrotic diseases. Outside the lab, she likes building miniatures, horror movies, and Square Enix games.

Current Members

Silas Wood, B.S. PhD Student (Structural Bio. and Biochem.)

Silas is a 2nd-year PhD student in Structural Biology and Biochemistry. Originally from Kansas City, MO, he received his BS in Biology from Truman State University in May 2017. His work focuses on characterizing changes in protein glycosylation during the progression of heart disease and determining how these changes may affect cardiac proteostasis and protein-protein interactions. While not in the lab, he enjoys watching horror movies, hiking in the mountains, and illustration.

Erin Han, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow

Erin received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from CU Boulder in August 2018, where she developed fluorescence imaging tools in Dr. Amy Palmer's lab to visualize protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions. For her postdoctoral research, Erin is focusing on characterizing the regulation of alternative splicing and expression of protein isoforms in aging-relate cardiac hypertrophy. Outside the lab, Erin enjoys spending time with her family in beautiful Colorado.

Julianna Wright Undergraduate Assistant

Julianna is a biology major at the University of Colorado Denver.


Cody Thomas, B.S. Professional Research Assistant
Yasmeen Ashour Undergraduate Assistant
Future Member, Ph.D. This could be you!